The Hater [2020] ★★½

This polish thriller currently streaming on Netflix juggles a lot of ideas at once, and at 135 minutes, it can be a bit too much, but it’s not a complete waste. In fact, it’s still entirely watchable, thanks to a solid performance by Maciej Musialowski, who plays a young man trying to find a purpose in life after being dismissed from university for plagiarizing a paper. He becomes involved with extremists on the net, who vow to get rid of anyone trying to ruin Europe and its values. Meanwhile, his infatuation with a young lady turns into obsession, which leads to a series of unpredictable events. Like I said, there’s a lot to digest here, and it’s not always coherent or even intriguing enough, but solid performances and some truly well-directed sequences make “The Hater” worth checking out.

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