The Old Guard [2020] ★★★

The surprise action hit of the summer stars Charlize Theron as an immortal mercenary who has been around for centuries. If this sounds like generic stuff, then perhaps it is. But in the hands of director Gina Prince- Bythewood, “The Old Guard” feels fresh and, might I add, very entertaining. It helps to have Theron in the lead. It also helps that she is surrounded by group of people with similar powers. Problem is, they’re getting exposed, and they must do whatever it takes to keep their identity a secret. Cue the pulse-pounding action sequences, skillfully staged by Bythewood. The story itself is well fleshed out and keeps you intrigued at every turn (it even opens the door for a potential sequel, but that’s another story). The result is a movie that’s diverting and genuinely exciting to watch. And even with its flaws, “The Old Guard” still provides solid summer entertainment and a good showcase for its star. And best of all, it’s currently streaming on Netflix. Hang on for the ride!

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