The Lovebirds [2020] ★★

“The Lovebirds” is the kind of generic comedies that’s best enjoyed from the comfort of your own couch (you can actually stream it on Netflix as we speak). You won’t feel guilty that you’ve spent money on it, and you’ll find yourself checking your phone on multiple occasions. I like Kumail Nanjiani (if you haven’t seen him in “The Big Sick” yet, now’s your chance) and Issa Rae makes a worthy partner in crime. But they both deserve a better vehicle. They play a couple on the verge of breaking up. That is until they find themselves unintentionally involved in a murder mystery. It’s a set-up for hit-and-miss gags, which is a damn shame because I enjoyed the chemistry between the two at first. Notice I’ve said “generic” and not “terrible”. I’ve seen worse comedies, and so have you. But lazy writing and an uneven storyline made the film’s second half feel like an endurance test. A mainstream comedy starring two talented comedians shouldn’t make me feel this way.

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