Horse Girl [2020] ★½

“Horse Girl” is yet another Netflix movie that tries to juggle a lot of themes at once, only to end up falling flat on its face. Alison Brie co-wrote the script and stars as a socially isolated woman who becomes convinced that she is the cloned version of her grandmother. A series of increasingly lucid dreams send her on a roller-coaster ride that sadly leads nowhere. Brie is good and gives it her very best, but everything else -from the dull dream-like sequences to a confusing ending- is a dud. I admire Brie and Jeff Baena’s ambitious screenplay, but I wish it were more coherent or even better: fulfilling. Movies like “Horse Girl” are supposed to leave you with a feeling that you’ve just witnessed something special. Alas, I ended up feeling like I’ve wasted my time instead.

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