Series Review: Hollywood [2020] ★★★

It’s not the best series you’ll ever see about Hollywood, but I can’t say I wasn’t entertained from start to finish either. Creator Ryan Murphy and his collaborators have crafted a lavish limited series about old Hollywood, which feels damn near irresistible. The time is post-World War II and a group of ambitious actors and filmmakers are struggling to make that Hollywood dream come true. Murphy goes right at the exhilaration of it; you can practically breathe the air of Ace studios, as newcomers line up every morning for a chance to get a role, any role in an upcoming picture. One of them happens to be a very young Rock Hudson, who later rose to fame and became a huge star. But almost everyone else and everything else is a product of Murphy’s imagination. This allows him to have fun with the spirit of 1940’s Hollywood, with a great ensemble cast, eye-popping sets, and beautiful costume designs. The story itself is amusing and well-fleshed out, and it’s difficult not too root for all these up-and-coming actors. Criticism? I would say the screenplay promises more than it delivers, and I wish it had more surprises up its sleeve. Still, film buffs will enjoy taking a time-trip to the past, brought to life with such a keen eye for detail. That, alone, is worth celebrating.

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