Capone [2020] ★★

It sounds like Oscar bait: Tom Hardy starring in this fact-based story about notorious gangster Al Capone, who spent his final year suffering from dementia and constant paranoia, before his death at the age of 48. It’s a juicy role for Hardy, the kind awards were created for. Except it’s not, at least not in the case of Josh Tank’s “Capone”. Aside from a good performance by Hardy (who truly gives it his very best, despite an underwhelming script) and lavish sets, the film feels curiously dull and lifeless. Tank, who also wrote the script, tries to inject his movie with dream-like sequences that feel completely out of place. Instead of being pulled in, I found drifting away from it. Movies like “Capone” should have the ability to deliver an emotional experience. Alas, it rarely happens here. Still, Hardy is a show all by himself, and watching him walk the fine line between sanity and madness is well-worth something. I just wish the movie itself had more surprises up its sleeve.

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