Rattlesnake [2019] ★½

The thing about Netflix’s “Rattlesnake” is that it has an intriguing premise (hence the extra half star): a single mother (Carmen Ejogo) seeks help from a mysterious stranger when her daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake. The price? Take another soul before sundown or her daughter dies. Like I said, this sounds like a set-up for an entertaining horror film. Oddly enough, that’s about it. From that moment on, the movie drowns in a sea of cliches and never truly recovers, stranding a decent cast. But perhaps worst of all is a lack of suspense. I don’t usually mind a silly, routine thriller, as long as it entertains me. But “Rattlesnake” has almost nothing going for it. Aside from a solid premise, it’s easily forgettable.

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