The King [2019] ★★★

It’s not a classic in the making, but Netflix’s “The King” has an interesting history lesson to tell, and a great ensemble cast to bring it to life. I do not know how the real Henry V talked or acted, but I do know that Timothée Chalamet makes a believable young King, who was crowned following his tyrannical father’s death in the year 1413. History books will tell you that Henry V died of dysentery 9 years later, but the focal point of the movie is the early days of his rather short reign. Having inherited war and deceit, the new King must do whatever it takes to forge a new path for England. “Great reforms are best enacted with regime change”, his royal advisor tells him early on. It’s a fascinating time in history, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a good time watching the story unfold. The movie is also fueled by lavish sets and well-crafted battle scenes, but it’s the characters and the memorable dialogue that make it worth the watch. I know we’ve seen a lot of Historical dramas that do not bring anything new to the table. “The King” never pretends to be anything more than a history lesson, but it does it well enough for me to recommend it.

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