Get In (Aka Furie) [2020] ★★

Netflix’s french thriller “Get In” has an intriguing premise: when they return from a vacation, a family discovers that a couple is now occupying their house. They can’t come in, and, worst of all, the authorities won’t help them. This incident causes the family man (who happens to be a history teacher) to get in touch with his primitive side in order to regain what is rightfully his. Like I said, it’s an interesting set-up for a psychological and philosophical ride: how far are you willing to go to protect your family? And for a while, the film raises a lot of thought-provoking questions. Unfortunately, it ends up dropping the ball in the final third when it turns into a ridiculously violent horror show. Now I usually wouldn’t mind that, but something just felt “off” here. I understand what the people behind this film were aiming to achieve, but they could have done it in a much better way without resorting to cheap horror tricks. Is it still worth watching? I say approach it at your own risk. It has its moments here and there. Just know straight away that you may or may not enjoy its lengthy climax. I didn’t.

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