Bad Education [2019] ★★★

This fact-based story starring Hugh Jackman like you’ve never seen him before is the perfect film to stream during confinement. Jackman transforms himself completely to play happy-go-lucky superintendent Frank Tassone, who, in 2002 became a prime suspect in an embezzlement scandal. The film , directed with a keen eye for detail by Cory Finley, focuses on the events that led to this huge scandal. How can a regular superintendent who cares so much about his students be involved in something like that? That’s the hook that will lead you into “Bad Education”, and Finley has assembled a top-notch ensemble cast who do outstandingly in the various roles they’re given. The film has also a few surprises up its sleeves, making it a thrilling and thoroughly engaging ride. Best of all, it leaves you with much food for thought, something that’s been missing from a lot of films I’ve watched recently.  I watched “Bad Education” not knowing what to expect from it, but I came out pleasantly surprised. I hope you find it as refreshing and entertaining as I did.

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