After The Wedding [2019] ★★½

Quarantine life means two things: catching up on shows and movies that I missed in 2019. Case in point: “After The Wedding”, a well-made, albeit predictable drama that features a good cast. Michelle Williams plays a woman who has dedicated her life to helping orphaned children in Calcutta. One day, she receives a generous donation from a millionaire businesswoman (Julianne Moore), which triggers a series of events. If you’ve seen the trailer, then you probably know that there’s a mystery at the heart of this narrative. The outcome is not what you would expect, at least at first, but once the film plays all its cards, it becomes very clear where the story is headed. Still, there’s a lot to admire here, including a superior performance by Julianne Moore (no surprises there). So if you’re looking for an adult drama in these troubled times, then “After the Wedding” more than fits the bill. It’s not great by any means, but it flows smoothly and never overstays its welcome.

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