The Invisible Man [2020] ★★★

Surprise. This remake of a remake of a remake is actually good. Who would have thought that the least hyped Universal monster movie of the modern era would turn out to be the best one yet? Certainly not me. But here’s the deal: “The Invisible Man” gets everything right, from a terrifying plot to pulse pounding horror sequences. Elizabeth Moss deserves all the credit for her chilling performance as a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. One night, she decides to run away, leaving everything behind. She seeks shelter in her childhood friend’s house, but when her abusive ex commits suicide, she starts to suspect that he faked the whole thing to drive her insane. It’s one hell of a setup, and against all odds, it actually works. Writer-director Leigh Whannell is out to fry your nerves, and boy does he ever. But what truly raises “The Invisible Man” above the routine is the humanism that lies beneath the horror. It’s hard not to sympathize with Moss’ character, and as a result, I found myself rooting for her every step of the way. Whannell keeps you on the edge of your seat, right through the closing credits. And the getting there is terrific mind bending fun. This is the Universal monster movie that we all deserve.

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