Fantasy Island [2020] ★★

If you bought a ticket to Blumhouse’s “Fantasy Island”, you probably know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. As an avid fan of horror films, I can tell you straight away that this movie isn’t great, not by a long shot, but it has a few intriguing ideas, starting with the plot itself: 5 guests arrive to a remote island where an enigmatic host (played by Michael Pena) promises to fulfill their fantasies during their stay. You probably know where this is going so I’ll cut right to the chase: the island…wait for it… isn’t as magical as it appears to be. Ok Ok, no surprises there, but in between, we get a few solid twists that make you go “oh”, and some good scares as well. Alas, that’s pretty much it. While I enjoyed watching the mystery unfold, I still hoped for a better climax. No such luck. But fans of B-horror films might still get a kick out of this island and its peculiar characters. Just know straight away that it won’t fulfill your fantasies.

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