Sonic The Hedgehog [2020] ★★½

Ok ok, I might be a little bit biased here, but this live-action version of one of the most influential video games of the 90’s is actually…fun? I know, I’m a bit surprised myself. But get this: as someone who grew up with the blue hedgehog (I pretty much owned every Sonic game on the Sega Genesis and recently purchased a Sega Master System as well), I couldn’t ask for a better big screen adaptation. Is it groundbreaking? Of course not. Will it appeal to newcomers? Probably not. But as a long time fan of the series, I thought the essential elements were there, making it a faithful adaptation that doesn’t look down on its fans. So what’s it about? I guess you could say that this an origin story, which means we briefly get to see baby Sonic (adorable) living in his colorful world, before circumstances lead him to earth, where he meets Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) and finds himself dealing with the villainous Dr. Robotnik  (Jim Carrey, who else?). Like I said, there’s nothing truly groundbreaking about the plot itself, but factor in a well-designed Sonic, a hilarious Dr. Robotnic (90’s mode is back for Carrey), a sense of nostalgia, and you’re in for a fun ride. I may be looking at it from a fan’s perspective, but it’s the only way to enjoy “Sonic the Hedgehog” without nitpicking too much. I have no doubt in my mind that kids and 90’s kids alike will have a good time with it.

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