The Gentlemen [2020] ★★★

After “King Arthur” and last year’s “Aladdin”, Guy Ritchie finds himself revisiting old grounds in “The Gentlemen”. It’s not the director’s best work, but it has all the right ingredients to satisfy his loyal followers. A great ensemble cast? Check. An intriguing story? Check. Richie’s usual trademark? Double Check. In telling the story of how an American man (Matthew McConaughey) built a highly profitable marijuana business in London, Ritchie goes for pure escapist retro fun with pulse-pounding action scenes and often hilarious narrative. Note to newcomers: do not text or look away for one second, or you’ll miss the fun. In true Ritchie fashion, his film rarely stops to take a deep breath, and as a result, neither do we. The cast is irresistible, from Hugh Grant as a sleazy man with an agenda of his own, to Charlie Hunnam as McConaughey’s loyal right hand. And look for Colin Farrell as a strange and eccentric “coach” who teaches troubled kids how to street fight. It’s a lot of fun watching these actors go beyond the call of duty to deliver some truly memorable sequences. If you’re familiar with Ritchie’s style or if you’re just discovering his filmography, I think you’ll have a blast with “The Gentlemen”.

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