Bad Boys For Life [2020] ★★½

It doesn’t reinvigorate the genre or take the franchise in completely different directions, but “Bad Boys For Life” has a pair of live wires that would make any action flick rise above the routine. I’m talking about Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, who are still just as entertaining to watch as they were 25 years ago. “Bad Boys 2” followed in 2003, so why did it take so damn long to cook-up a third movie? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that Smith and Lawrence still deliver the goods as Miami detectives who still refuse to play by the rules. They’re way past their 50’s now, but this doesn’t stop them from kicking ass, especially when things get personal. Cue the action scenes that are completely over the top. Yes, nothing makes total sense. Yes, you’ll find yourself humming “Bad boys bad boys” over and over again (and hate yourself for it). Know what? Don’t care. “Bad Boys for Life”, following in the footsteps of most recent “Fast and Furious” films, doesn’t pretend to be anything more than an enjoyable piece of escapism. It may fall short at times, but overall, I think it has all the right ingredients to satisfy longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. Whatcha gonna do about that?

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