Bombshell [2019] ★★½

“Bombshell” flirts with greatness so many times, it’s a shame it never truly reaches its full potential. It has an important story to tell, no doubt about that, and just the right actors to carry it through. But there’s still something missing. Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie play the women who dropped a bombshell on the man who created Fox news (That’s John Lithgow, almost unrecognizable) when they accused him of sexual harassment. A subject of this caliber should have a great impact on its audience. And many times, the film vividly depicts these real-life events. All the actors bring their A game, and Jay Roach directs with a keen eye for detail. But a film that aims this high shouldn’t leave me feeling less than satisfied. When you walk in to see a movie that’s been hyped so much, it’s only natural to expect a bullseye. And despite some truly memorable moments, “Bombshell” doesn’t flow as well as you’d expect it to. I’d still recommend the film for the actors alone, but I wish the movie was nearly as good as they are.

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