The Good Liar [2019] ★★½

In a multiplex filled with mostly blockbusters, it’s not too bad to spend some time with veteran actors in a thriller that keeps coming at you with twists and turns. “The Good Liar” is directed by Bill Condon and stars Ian McKellen as a professional con artist who sets his sight on a recently widowed woman (that would be Hellen Mirren), who might be worth millions. That’s all you need to know here. But that’s also the hook that will lead you into the film’s many mysteries. Working from a novel by Nicholas Searle, Condon keeps us intrigued, even when the story defies credibility at times. But the movie wouldn’t work as much as it does if it weren’t for McKellen and Mirren, who deliver the goods at every turn. I wouldn’t call the overall result unforgettable, but watching these two in a cat-and-mouse game is worth the price of admission alone. They’re that good.

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