Gemini Man [2019] ★★½

Plot-wise, “Gemini Man” isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but if you’re going to see it, do it for the sake of the highly advanced technological visuals. This is one of the few 3D movies that made me feel completely immersed in its world. It also helps that it was shot at a high frame rate and that it stars Will Smith as a retired hitman who finds himself pursued by a younger, quicker version of himself. It’s a fun premise that never truly reaches its full potential, but director Ang Lee stages some pulse-pounding action scenes that look and sound great. And seeing a much younger Will Smith poke fun at his older self doesn’t get old (no pun intended). So yes, despite an uneven story and a sense of deja-vu, “Gemini Man” does offer something new. I wish it had more surprises up its sleeve, but it’s still a fun movie to experience on the big screen.

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