El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie [2019] ★★★

Alright, bitches, let’s get you up to speed with “Breaking Bad” so far: Walter White died in the series finale, leaving our boy Jesse Pinkman on the run from the police. “El Camino”, written once again by Vince Gilligan and starring Aaron Paul in a role he was born to play, picks up exactly where we left off, so it doesn’t feel completely unnecessary. Let me put it this way: if you wanted a proper conclusion to Jesse’s story, “El Camino” is definitely the movie for you. From a cinematic perspective, this sequel feels a lot like a genre movie. It moves at a deliberately slow pace, giving us enough time to soak it all in and enjoy whatever is left of this series and its characters. So yes, at two hours, “El Camino” is the epilogue that we never truly got before. It could have used a bit more action, but ultimately, this is about following Jesse Pinkman to the end of his journey. And the movie does give him a fitting farewell in a scene that fans of the series will especially appreciate. I didn’t think I would be interested in another “Breaking Bad” episode, let alone a feature film, but “El Camino” gave me enough to cheer for. Welcome back, bitch.

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