It Chapter Two [2019] ★★★

It’s not quite as focused or scary as the first movie, but there’s something truly irresistible about revisiting the small town of Derry, where Pennywise the clown terrorized seven children back in 1989 and gave audiences a run for their money. Now all grown up, our heroes have supposedly moved on, until a mysterious phone call brings them all back together for an unwanted reunion. Is Pennywise back? You bet. The first movie was almost half of Stephen King’s lengthy novel, so it’s only normal for the sequel to be even longer. So yes, at almost 3 hours, this second and final chapter threatens to go off the rails at times, but thanks to Andy Muschietti’s direction, the overall result is still a solid conclusion to the “It” saga. Credit a talented cast for delivering the goods as well: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader lead a great ensemble that pays maximum justice to all the kids from the first film. Watching them form a bond once again to take down Pennywise once and for all really does give you enough reason to see this sequel. That, and a spectacularly terrifying Bill Skarsgard, who inhabits the character of Pennywise yet again and steals every scene he appears in. No fair revealing more. If you’ve seen the first movie, there’s no reason to miss out on this one. It’s no modern classic, but combined with its predecessor, it’s truly one of the best Stephen King stories ever told.

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