Angel Has Fallen [2019] ★½

This horrible sequel to the equally horrible “London Has Fallen” is the worst blockbuster you’ll encounter this year. 2013’s “Olympus” was the most generic action mess you could think of. So why on earth did it spawn two sequels? And why on earth are audiences still paying to see the same movie over and over again? (at least the people behind “White House Down” knew when to stop). To be fair, things are a tiny bit different this time around: there has been yet another attack on the president of the United States (Morgan Freeman, wasted), and Gerard Butler is accused of orchestrating the whole thing. Surprise. Now it’s up to our guy to drive around the country in an effort to clear his name. Yawn. If you can’t figure out the rest, you’ve never seen a cheesy action movie before. But what raises “Angel Has Fallen” above all other action movies this year is the hilariously bad dialogue perpetrated by every single character in the movie. Not to mention the ridiculous plot and the dullest hand-to-hand combat you’ll witness onscreen this year. You want better films? Start by boycotting this crapfest. We all deserve better.

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