The Sun Is Also A Star [2019] ★★½

In modern romantic movies, from the words of Nicholas Sparks to “The Fault in Our Stars”, tears are the ultimate goal. Just get a load of “The Sun is also a Star”. I watched the film version of Nicola Yoon’s novel surrounded by people who probably read the book (I could tell from their excitement). As for me, I didn’t have any particular expectations. Surprise: the movie isn’t a painful endurance test. Sure, it’s corny. But it’s also sweet, and that’s what makes it worth seeing. In telling the story of how two young people (Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton) meet and fall in love in one day, director Ry Russo-Young makes the most of New York’s city beautiful spots, shooting everywhere from Central Station to small cafes that truly make you feel like a tourist. Of the story, I can tell you that it has too many coincidences that might not go down easy with audiences seeking something more “real”. Still, you can’t blame fans too much for being seduced by two shiny young stars in a bittersweet love story. I’ve seen my share of good and bad romantic films. “The Sun is also a Star” falls somewhere in between. It doesn’t hit all the right notes, but it’s an enjoyable ride overall.

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