Brightburn [2019] ★★

Do you ever watch a movie that turns out to be instantly forgettable? Case in point: “Brightburn”, a completely watchable but equally forgettable superhero/horror film from producer James Gunn that never truly reaches its full potential. Damn shame if you ask me, because judging from the trailer, the film had potential. The plot? An alien boy crash lands on earth, very much like Superman, and is raised by a couple that wanted a son (that would be Elizabeth Banks and David Denman, who are wasted here). But is the boy as innocent as he appears to be? Obviously not. To try to spice things up a little bit, first-time feature director David Yarovesky resorts to every cheap trick in the horror book, from jump scares to things that go bump in the night. A few of them even work, notably during the climax. But mostly the movie defaults to predictable storytelling at every turn. You can basically see everything coming a mile away, and that leaves you with a sense of deja-vu. “Brightburn” isn’t a complete disaster, but it’s definitely a wasted opportunity.

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