Long Shot [2019] ★★½

Hollywood has given comedies a black eye these past few years, so it’s always refreshing to encounter one that doesn’t fail to entertain. “Long Shot”, directed by Jonathan Levine (if you’ve never seen his terrific movie “50/50”, do it now) and starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron as two people with almost nothing in common, shouldn’t work as much as it does. But it does, and I had a mighty good time watching it. Theron is running for Presidency. Rogen is an unemployed journalist who gets hired as her speechwriter. Here’s the twist: she was his babysitter once upon a time and he had a major crush on her. That’s “Long Shot” in a nutshell, an entertaining comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still manages to deliver the goods. I just wish it was a bit shorter and didn’t drag too much during the final act. Still, there’s a lot to enjoy here, and in a summer that promises to be filled with blockbusters, it’s not too bad to sit back and relax with an old-fashioned comedy like this one. It’s not a game-changer or anything, but the chemistry between the two leads makes it worth seeing. Who would have thought?

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