The Perfect Date [2019] ★★

I may have tweeted about my hate for Noah Centineo’s Netflix movies (he really is the same character in every film), but if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure that you’ll probably end up forgetting the next day, “The Perfect Date” may well be that movie for you. It’s corny and predictable, and you’ve probably seen that same formula so many times before. Centineo plays a high school boy who dreams of attending Yale. But he needs the money. So he decides to make some extra cash one night by posing as a boyfriend for a cynical girl named Celia (Laura Marano). Will they eventually end up falling in love? Obviously. But because this is a Netflix comedy, one might not be too demanding, so it really is about the journey and not the destination. And there are some funny moments here and there. Usually I’d go on to say that all these elements are still not enough to make it worth the price of admission. But because it’s on Netflix, I’m going to give “The Perfect Date” a free pass. It’s far from being memorable, and I’ll probably forget this as soon as this review is posted, but I guess I had an OK time watching it. So what if I hate myself a little bit?

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