After [2019] ★½

You can see it coming a mile away. Naive young college girl (Josephine Langford) meets and falls in love with a bad boy (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). They embark on a somehow “impossible” relationship (I believe the word I’m really looking for is “toxic” but who am I to judge?). Then something draws them apart. You know how these stories go. Novelist Nicholas Sparks has provided material for many similar stories over the past few years, and they all follow the same formula. “After” was adapted from a novel by Anna Todd (who originally wrote the story on a fanfiction site dedicated to Harry Styles, but you probably couldn’t care less about that), and quite frankly I couldn’t tell the difference. To say that this film is predictable from the word go would be a spoiler only for people who have never been to the movies. Worst of all, I don’t really know who the target audience is. It can’t be for young adults, as it somehow glorifies a toxic relationship. It’s not for adults either, as it will probably bore them to tears. So who is it for really? Probably no one, and that’s probably for the best.

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