Five Feet Apart [2019] ★★

I bet you couldn’t wait for the next movie about two sick teens who fall in love. I’m kidding, of course, but if you’ve seen “The Fault in our Stars”, then you probably know what to expect from a movie like “Five Feet Apart”. Personally I’ve enjoyed the former and I don’t mind sentimentality in movies, but this one just doesn’t have what it takes. In telling the story of how two teenagers (Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse, in his feature debut) with cystic fibrosis meet and fall in love in a hospital, director Justin Baldoni relies heavily on every genre cliché in the book. The actors do their best, notably Haley Lu Richardson who truly makes the whole thing go down easier with her humor and likable character. But movies like “Five Feet Apart” should leave me feeling something. Sadly, I did not. I’d say it was easy to watch, and just as easy to forget. But if you’re a sucker for this kind of romantic films, then you might find something here. Others, you’ve been warned.

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