Isn’t It Romantic [2019] ★★

Sometimes movies that were originally scheduled for a theatrical release end up on Netflix, and for a good reason. I’m not saying that “Isn’t It Romantic” is a complete disaster, but it’s not worth 10 bucks either. I like Rebel Wilson, and I was rooting for this to be good. Alas, after an intriguing premise, the story falls apart and never regains its equilibrium. Wilson plays a cynical woman who finds herself trapped in a romantic comedy where everyone is in love. Sounds good on paper. And the movie does have some funny moments. But these moments and the likable Wilson sink under a paper-thin script that never truly rises above the routine. I’ve seen worse comedies recently (I’m looking at you, “What Men Want”), but after watching this movie for a while, I realized I was marking time, just waiting for it to be over. That’s never a good sign, and the reason why I can’t completely recommend it. It’s a clever idea for sure, but the results are decidedly disappointing. Too bad.

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