Escape Room [2019] ★★½

If you’re a sucker for escape rooms, then this movie was especially designed for you. It’s formulaic for sure, and it borrows a lot from such movies as “Cube” and “Saw”, but it kept me on the edge of my seat. You can practically picture the filmmakers plotting their next move as soon as the movie opens, but it’s one hell of an intriguing premise: 6 strangers are invited to participate in an immersive escape the room challenge for a chance to win $10 000. But as you can probably tell, it’s no ordinary game, and they must all use their wits in order to survive. Original? No. Effective? Yes. With the exception of an ending that didn’t entirely satisfy me, I had a total blast watching these strangers going from one challenging room to the next. To avoid spoilers, I’ll shut up. I will say that until that mind-boggling ending, “Escape Room” gets the job done. Fans of the genre will have a fun time figuring things out.

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