Happy Death Day 2U [2019] ★★½

“Happy Death Day” caught me off guard with its intriguing premise and constant twists and turns. If you remember clearly, Jessica Rothe played a college student who keeps reliving the day of her murder over and over again. The “Groundhog Day”/Horror crossover worked well enough, and I found myself recommending it to a lot of people. So what about the sequel? I’d say it isn’t quite as good as its predecessor, but second parts rarely are. Still, there’s a lot to admire here. For starters, writer-director Christopher Landon tried to make a much more ambitious sequel, and it shows. All the elements that made the first film so good are still here, but with a new twist involving quantum physics and an experiment gone wrong. If it sounds complicated, then perhaps it is. As much as I enjoyed watching the story unravel and learn the answers to all my puzzling questions, I liked “Happy Death Day” better when it was a simple whodunit. But when a film has entertained me so much, I may be willing to forgive its shortcomings. So will you.

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