What Men Want [2019] ★½

“How bad can it be?” I kept asking myself before I walked in to see this movie. The 2000 movie “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt wasn’t innovative in any way, but it was light and charming. But as soon as “What Men Want” started, I had an immediate reaction of annoyance and impatience. This is a painfully unfunny film that not even Taraji P. Henson managed to save. She plays an annoying business woman who develops the ability to hear men’s thoughts. This could be a setup for funny situations, but the script (it took 3 people to write this film) is almost devoid of that. But because the film is “kind of” enjoyable at times, I have to wonder how much would have been lost if it had been toned down a little bit. Like I said, the older version wasn’t a masterpiece in any way, but it was memorable enough because of its likable stars and funny sequences. As for “What Men Want”, I don’t think I’ll remember it a week from now. Flush it and forget it.

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