A Dog’s Way Home [2019] ★★½

Dog movies tend to be hit and miss, with the most recent miss being “A Dog’s Purpose” a couple of years ago. “A Dog’s Way Home” doesn’t reinvent the wheel in any way: it’s old-fashioned for sure, but there’s something irresistible about it. The story captures your heart from the word go, as do all the visual details onscreen. Those qualities, plus an exceptionally good dog, lift this movie slightly above the norm of dog films. I guess the key here is to relate to this dog’s journey, who was separated from her owner and who vows to get back home somehow. It’s a long and treacherous road, and we’re right there with her through every obstacle. Because it tells a heart-warming story in an easily digested form, it may strike some people as very old-fashioned. But as someone who doesn’t always enjoy these movies, I can tell you right away that “A Dog’s Way Home” almost moved me (and the audience around me) to tears. So if you’re a dog owner or a dog lover or if you’re simply looking for something sweet for a change, look no further. You’ll definitely enjoy this film.

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