Overlord [2018] ★★★

I’m not a big fan of “zombie” movies, but “Overlord” might be the best I’ve seen in quite a while (along with the Korean film “Train To Busan”). Part of its charm is its B-movie feel. We’re in WWII, and a group of American soldiers are about to enter dangerous territory. Nazis? Try fucked up Nazis. I want to reveal more, but the less you know, the more you’ll enjoy the film’s many surprises. Just know that isn’t a history lesson by any means. And just in case you’re sensing some “Inglourious Basterds” vibes, then perhaps you’re not completely wrong either. So yes, “Overlord”,  director Julius Avery’s weird mash-up of several genres emerges as something quite original. It’s a total blast watching these soldiers enter uncharted territory and discovering the horrors behind enemy lines. And it’s even better when the action is R-Rated. I’ll say no more, except that B-movies have never looked better. This shit’s too good to be missed.

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