Final Score [2018] ★½

It baffles me that movies like “Final Score” still exist in 2018 on the big screen. This type of action movies should go straight to DVD, where no one can hear you utter the following words “Fuck this movie”. “Final Score” pretty much rips off “Die Hard” and stars WWE’s Dave Bautista as an ex-soldier (of course) who has to save the day when Russian terrorists (of course) abduct his niece (of course) at a football match in London. Think of every generic action movie plotline, and you’ll find it right here, along with the cheesy one-liners that come with it. Bautista is likable, no doubt about that, but his lines are cringe-inducing, especially when he tries to bond with his niece. And why did Pierce Brosnan sign up for this? This movie sucks man.

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