The Spy Who Dumped Me [2018] ★★½

It’s the dog days of summer. Some people take advantage of this period to spend some time on the beach. But if you’re anything like me, you’d be looking for the next “summer” film at your local multiplex. There was nothing about “The Spy who Dumped Me” that encouraged me to seek it out upon its release. But having watched pretty much everything playing this week, I decided to give it a shot. Much to my surprise, this was an entertaining action/comedy (think “The Heat” and “Spy”), fueled by a solid performance by Mila Kunis and scene-stealer Kate McKinnon. The trailer only offers a glimpse of what this dynamic duo has to offer in this rowdy, and often raunchy buddy comedy. Kunis plays a 30-something woman who finds out that the man who just dumped her is actually a spy. That’s cue for some deadly assassins to come looking for her. It’s also cue for her best friend (McKinnon) to encourage her to jump into action and save the day. From that moment on, the movie relies heavily on the chemistry between the two actresses, and indeed, they make a good team. That’s not to say that this is an instant classic (far from it actually). It borrows a lot from other successful comedies and the last third feels awfully stretched (they could have easily trimmed it a bit). But until then, I had a good time watching it. If you’re looking for summer escapism, look no further. “The Spy who Dumped Me” will keep you amused, at least for a while.

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