Slender Man [2018] ★

It’s 2018 and movies like “Slender Man” still exist on the big screen. This truly horrible horror movie shouldn’t even exist on DVD. But here we are, on a hot summer day, watching this preposterous film…on the big screen. Why? Why waste a perfectly decent budget on a movie that: 1) isn’t scary at all. And 2) doesn’t even make sense. This mess of a film will confuse even the most avid fans of the genre. Where do I even begin? Ever heard of the boogie man? Well, Slender Man is pretty much the same “man”, and he’s about to unleash hell on a group of teenagers who attempt to prove that he doesn’t exist. Ha! You know the drill: endless “boo” scenes that lead nowhere. Nothing works here. Nothing. From the amateur acting, writing and directing (was anyone even in control of this?), “Slender Man” will have you looking for the nearest exit to request a refund. Or better yet: avoid it altogether. It’s that bad.

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