Christopher Robin [2018] ★★★

I’d be lying if I said that the opening sequence in “Christopher Robin” didn’t leave me in tears. This is the kind of impact that these characters have on me. In a multiplex filled with summer blockbusters, it’s good to revisit old friends and rediscover the charming world of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. But “Christopher Robin”, directed by Marc Forster (“Finding Neverland”) with a gentleness that seems damn near irresistible, takes a different approach. Years have passed and Christopher (nicely played by Ewan McGregor) is all grown up now and living with his wife and daughter in London. But that’s not all: somehow he has lost his way, constantly working and barely spending any time with his family. So it’s up to Pooh (of course) to help him rediscover his childhood, even when it seems impossible. The voice work is impeccable; I never thought I’d see a live-action film starring Winnie The Pooh, but Jim Cummings has Pooh’s voice down to perfection. All these characters mean so much to me, so I hoped they wouldn’t ruin it. But as soon as it opened, I breathed a sigh of relief: this is a joyful film, the kind Winnie (and his fans) deserve. And when it ended, I had to wipe a tear from my eye. It’s a tear of nostalgia for the happiness these characters have brought us for so many years. Needless to say, it’s good to finally have them all back in a movie that parents and their kids can all enjoy.

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