Mission: Impossible – Fallout [2018] ★★★½

 It’s crazy to say this, 22 years after the first film hit theaters back in 1996, but “Fallout” is my favorite “Mission Impossible” movie yet. You’d think by now the series would be suffering from sequel fatigue. Think again. This is a summer blockbuster in every sense of the term: bigger, better, and surprisingly more emotional than any MI film I’ve seen before. You probably know the drill by now: there’s a mission, and it’s up to Tom Cruise and his team to save the world. Except, nothing is truly predictable here, from a pulse-pounding opening sequence that sets the tone of the film, to an epic climax that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is incredible entertainment, and, dare I say, a game-changer in the action genre, a genre that has been suffering for a while now. And at the center of it all is Tom Cruise, now 56, who still runs and jumps like a 20-year-old on steroids. The man’s unstoppable, and, whether you like it not, knows exactly how to deliver the goods, in epic scale this time around. Newcomer Henry Cavill (aka Superman) makes a worthy addition to the ensemble, delivering some of the best fight sequences in the film. Criticism? If I’m being completely honest, I have none. This is a terrific film from start to finish and hands down one of the best movies you’ll see this summer. It’s impossible not to enjoy it.

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