Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation [2018] ★★½

It goes like this: if you enjoyed the first two “Hotel Transylvania” movies, then you have no reason not to enjoy this one. It follows the same formula we’ve come to expect from this colorful series, while adding a few characters to spice things up a little bit. Among the newcomers is Count Dracula’s arch nemesis, Dr. Van Helsing, who has been plotting his revenge for centuries. But first, Drac (once again voiced by Adam Sandler) and his family are planning an exotic summer trip, the kind that every normal family would usually do. Except, there’s nothing truly normal about this trip, which turns into a nightmare, but the fun kind. That’s why despite its “monster” roots, “Hotel Transylvania” remains a family-friendly animated film that kids and their parents can enjoy. The harshest criticism I can level at this otherwise enjoyable film is that it’s more of the same. But despite all that, “A Monster Vacation” has a relaxed feel and is easy to take. Everyone and their parents will have a good time watching it, without asking too much from it.

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