Tag [2018] ★★½

 A new idea for a Hollywood comedy is a rare thing to find these days. The fact that “Tag” feels (somehow) fresh more often than other films of the same genre is cause for cheering. And if you have a cast that includes Ed Helms (in one of his funniest roles), Jeremy Renner (who is surprisingly really funny), Isla Fisher, Jake Johnson, and Jon Hamm, you’re already in for a treat. Even crazier is the fact that the movie is actually based on a true story about a bunch of childhood friends who organize an annual game of tag during the month of may. How it all works out? You’ll have to see for yourself. It’s a crazy concept for sure, and it takes a group of talented comedians to make it work. And aside from it being a comedy, “Tag” is a celebration of friendship that lasts a lifetime. In a way, it’s that strong sense of camaraderie among the characters that makes the movie rise slightly above the routine. And even when it all spins out of control, you stick around for the ride. “Tag” doesn’t pretend to be more than it is. It promises audiences a fun time at the movies…and delivers.

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