Unsane [2018] ★★★

Looking for a solid thriller to get lost in? “Unsane” is the movie for you. Steven Soderbergh, a master when it comes to experimental filmmaking, takes it to a whole new level in his latest mind-bender. The movie was shot entirely with an iPhone 7 plus, but in true Soderbergh fashion, it never feels gimmicky. This is a first-rate psychological thriller in every aspect: tense, intriguing, and mysterious enough to keep you guessing at every turn. Claire Foy (“The Crown”), plays a woman who finds herself confined to a mental institution against her will. Her diagnosis? She can’t stop seeing her stalker, even after she moved to a new city. Is it real or is it all in her head? That’s the hook that will lead you into this constantly gripping movie. Soderbergh, who supposedly retired in 2013, returns once again, and just as confident as ever. His movie is a true testament to the importance of low-budget filmmaking, and a benchmark to other filmmakers trying to follow in his footsteps. And much like many of his films, there’s a deadly side effect to “Unsane” that most film buffs would most likely enjoy: you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

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