A Quiet Place [2018] ★★★

This is the horror movie we’ve all been waiting for. Director John Krasinski (who would have thought) delivers the creepy goods, leaving us unnerved, terrified, and exhilarated. This is “A Quiet Place” in a nutshell, a tense and extremely well-crafted tale of survival. Krasinski himself plays a family man who must protect his family from mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. No false promises here: stay silent or die. And for 90 minutes, Krasinsky puts us right in the middle of the action; no backstory whatsoever (and it doesn’t even matter here), just razor-sharp tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat. When survival is everything, we observe how a family must adapt to their environment or perish forever. That’s the terrifying theme that animates this harrowing and haunting film. And when it’s all over, you won’t be able to get it out of your system. It’s that good.

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