Midnight Sun [2018] ★★

It’s not Valentine, but we got a tearjerker that reminds us that Hollywood doesn’t know how to make good tearjerkers anymore. “Midnight Sun”, starring Bella Thorne as a teenager who can’t be exposed to sunlight due to a rare genetic disease, is manipulative, cheesy, and just downright generic. Yep, you guessed it, she’s about to meet the man of her dreams, he’s gonna fall for her, and the audience is going to swallow it and shed a tear or two. Except we didn’t. Is it the worst you could do with a sad story? No. I’ve seen worse (try every Nicholas Sparks movie), but there’s barely any genuine emotion here or a plausible reason to feel something, anything. Thorne is OK in the lead, but it helps to have a better story, and “Midnight Sun” simply doesn’t have enough original ideas. Face it, we’ve seen it all, and better.

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