Veronica [2017] ★★

 I’m calling bullshit on this film’s flashy marketing strategy. By telling people that “this Spanish original film is so terrifying that people can’t watch to the end”, Netflix got my attention. But now that I’ve finally seen the film, I can tell you that none of this is true. Sure, it’s an intriguing story about a young girl who finds herself haunted by evil spirits following a seance gone wrong. Sandra Escacena delivers the kind of thrills that you would expect from a horror film. But there’s nothing about it that truly terrified me. Maybe I’m looking too much into that “terrifying” statement, but yes, it bugged me. I wanted “Veronica” to scare the shit out of me. It didn’t. So where exactly does my opinion fall? I guess it’s somewhere in between. Despite a few scares here and there, “Veronica” is far from being original. Horror buffs, you’ve been warned.

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