Wonder Wheel [2017] ★★½

While it doesn’t add anything new to Woody Allen’s fruitful career, it’s difficult to dismiss his latest film, “Wonder Wheel”, just because I had a good time watching it. It has an abundance of eye candy and an amusing cast, making it entertaining enough for any Allen fan. We’re in Coney Island this time around, the year is 1950, and Kate Winslet is unhappily married to Jim Belushi, a carousel operator who drinks too much. In true Woody Allen fashion, Winslet finds refuge in Mickey (Justin Timberlake), a young lifeguard who makes her fall under his spell. Once again, Allen has crafted an elegant film that’s easy to get lost in. There isn’t much to say about the plot, simply because it never truly rises above the routine, but everything else, from the music to the acting, is top-notch. I wouldn’t call “Wonder Wheel” original, or memorable for that matter, but I enjoyed the experience of watching it and sometimes, that’s good enough for me to recommend a film.

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