Insidious: The Last Key [2018] ★

It’s Still January, but “Insidious: The Last Key” could well be the worst movie of the year. There are no scares in this fourth installment, only leftovers from its much superior predecessors. As a direct sequel to the third film (which in turn was a prequel to the first two), “The Last Key” focuses once again on clairvoyant Elise Rainier, who goes back to her childhood home to face some of her most personal demons yet. How many times has it been done before? You name it. But this movie is hopeless, man. Director Adam Robitel has no flair for suspense, so he throws in one boring jump scare after the other. Yawn. I’ve seen my share of bad horror sequels, but this one takes the cake. Forget “The Last Key”, this sequel should have been called “The Last Movie” instead.

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