Pitch Perfect 3 [2017] ★½

 It seems that third time isn’t the charm for Rebel Wilson and the rest of the Bellas. This second (and hopefully last) sequel takes everything that was good in the first two film and ruins it. Wilson gives it her best shot. The movie never does. The plot? Just a silly excuse for a reunion. It’s been a while since the Bellas have seen each other, so they reunite for a singing competition at an overseas USO tour. And that’s pretty much it. The jokes? They fall flat. The music? Nowhere near as catchy as the previous films. The newcomers? Forgettable. I’m falling asleep writing this. Director Trish Sie, taking over from Elizabeth Banks and Jason Moore (who both did a much better job), seems equally dazed. If there’s another sequel, they better fire everyone who was involved in this sorry excuse of a third installment.

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