2010 - 2017

Breathe [2017] ★★★

 Andrew Garfield is superb in “Breathe”, completely immersing himself in the role of Robin Cavendish, a British army captain who was taken ill with polio and given just months to live. His wife (played by Claire Foy of “The Crown”), can’t accept it. How could she? Refusing to give up, they decide to escape the hospital life and settle down in their beautiful country house. What happens next is nothing short of inspiring. Based on a true story, “Breathe” is so powerful that even a mediocre adaptation would have been emotional, but director Andy Serkis and Andrew Garfield give it something extra special. I won’t dwell on the movie’s smaller problems, mainly because it held me spellbound form start to finish. All I can say is that everything about this movie is sincere, and that’s what makes it worth recommending. As for Garfield, his triumph is letting us see a man who won’t let an illness define him. The real-life Robin Cavendish passed away in 1994, over 30 years after his diagnosis. When the movie ends, you can practically sense a life still going on, still inspiring millions of disabled individuals. That, alone, is worth celebrating.

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