Wonder [2017] ★★★

Want to see a movie that will put you in a good mood, even long after the credits start rolling? “Wonder” is the movie for you. This is the kind of film that gives feel-good stories a good name. I honestly can’t see how anyone could pick a fight with it. Based on the New York Times bestseller, “Wonder” tells the story of August (you can call him Auggie), a boy born with facial differences. Up until now, he’s been home schooled by his mom (played by Julia Roberts), but all this is about to change when his parents decide to send him to a mainstream elementary school. Challenging task? You bet. But Auggie isn’t about to bow down. The heartwarming story, as we follow Auggie’s bumpy road, touches on so many truths, and makes you root for this exceptional character, every step of the way. What’s more, the characters around him aren’t just there to fill minor roles. Writer-director Steven Chbosky and his collaborators inject these characters with three-dimensional qualities that give the movie its enormous appeal. Ultimately, it’s not just the boy who grows and changes over the course of the film.

This, to me, is the perfect feel-good movie: funny, endearing, and above all, poignant. Call me a sentimentalist, but little Auggie won me over. He’s truly a wonder.

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  1. Man I absolutely LOVED this movie too. Julia Roberts can do no wrong!

    I’ve been more into shows than movies for the past few years, but only because I haven’t watched a movie as memorable and touching as Wonder in a long time. Like you said, all the other characters are so well written and three-dimensional, which made this all the more amazing. I won’t deny it, I teared up a few times lol.

    I have a feeling I’ll be watching this again soon! Great review 👍🏻👍🏻

    • Thanks man! I’ve been into series as well recently so it’s always a nice feeling when you encounter a really good movie worth recommending. Everyone around me cried once or twice. Definitely one of the movies of the season!

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